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Unifi Host service

Have a unifi AP at home doing nothing make good use. Come join a growing service that we provide to all user with interest. You don’t require to do much just connect your AP to your network that is it ready to use. We offering for free WIFI manager account . You can manage your … Read more

Tanaza Cloud Access point (support)

The following device are supported on Tanaza website monitor your WIFI over internet. You do require to activated a account is FREE support up to 3 device (Access Point). Get started click here register your information then add device MAC addresss. You can get started with your first device below.

Unifi device AC point and more

Now you can come join our family when you have Unifi device connected to our hosting system. No, is not hosting site is a Cloud system that provide support monitor service for your Unifi device. You can manage your device anywhere in the word 10/15 device the sky is the limited on one site. Go … Read more