TP_Link 113 Wifi Router (Tanaza Classic )


TP-Link Router for Wifi use provides visitors and friends internet with out providing any password. You don’t have to worry who can hack to your network with your wifi open.  The device will help you manage not letting anyone reach your network.

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The TP_Link Router is software designed to work on (the Tanaza Cloud system ) you can monitor anywhere in the world.

  • Provide you access to administration network management to change SSID and more.
    • Speed up or down for any user logon
    • Slash Page with coupon code access or Payment options using (Paypal )
    • Provide Security or open wifi (WEP 5 character ) WPA2-PSK (shared network key) Users must enter this key to associate
    • Change max user connected at one time or kick out user
    • Limited access to sites or denied sites (white-label sites)
    • Provided Graphs real-time status connection even use.
    • Monitor client’s connection how long even logon through Facebook and more.
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  • Who should have this device
    • You providing Airbnb to clients all over now offer internet
    • Renting a room now you can offer free internet limited
    • want to control the internet at your home or even visitor section
    • Own a location provide to your customers and promote your service
  • What you get
    • Charger with device
    • Help support on setup 2 sessions at no extra charge
    • 30 days support service

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