Webhosting Package stander

You will find professional webhosting packages on a budget for small business or personal use only. Our package start $2.00 a month it may included extra. Each package will provide detail of what’s offer when activated. A trial is best to start you can enjoy full package with no limit and it’s longer days. You have options upgrade keep the package start on a month to month.

See package below if you have any question contact us today. 

We provide some free template with package download anytime you wish.

WordPress templates

Looking for stander hosting upload FTP we don't have any let us know.

Starting Our Free Packages

We provide free package you can try fully setup on Word press platform easy to use. Go ahead don't hurt to try it.

[void_wbwhmcse_laouts_price auto_title=”true” table_title=”” packedge_id=”153″ billingcycle=”monthly” oldprice=”6.00″ price=”0″ whmcs_url=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/wordpressr-hosting/” table_show_button=”yes” website_link=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/wordpressr-hosting/wp-ready-host-1″ table_target=”_blank” make_featured=”true” featured_title=”Free” table_style=”void-price-1″ button_text_color=”#dd3333″ auto_price=”true” pro_feature=””]

  • 1GB storage
  • 1GB band weigh
  • 3 Pop Email
  • Self setup Free
  • 1 WordPress site install


[/void_wbwhmcse_laouts_price][void_wbwhmcse_laouts_price auto_title=”true” table_title=”Wordpress Webtool” packedge_id=”151″ billingcycle=”monthly” billingafter=”0/Mo” oldprice=”12.99″ price=”0″ whmcs_url=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/wordpressr-hosting/” table_show_button=”yes” website_link=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/wordpressr-hosting/wordpress-wordpress-tool-kit-cpanel-1″ table_target=”_blank” make_featured=”true” featured_title=”Free” table_style=”void-price-1″ auto_price=”true” pro_feature=””]

  • 1 Domain -support
  • 1 Database
  • 5 Pop3 Email
  • 0 Park domain
  • No setup fee
  • 1 WordPress site install


Back up Package

You can get affordable back up package make it easy to back up your site.

[void_wbwhmcse_laouts_price table_title=”Backup Service 1GB” billingcycle=”monthly” billingafter=”2.09/Mo” oldprice=”” price=”2.09″ whmcs_url=”https://onebudgethost.com/” table_show_button=”yes” website_link=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/webhost-back-up/1gb-lite” table_target=”_blank” featured_title=”1GB” auto_price=”true” pro_feature=”” package_image=”573″]

  • 1 GB Back-up  

WordPress plug in -FREE


[void_wbwhmcse_laouts_price table_title=”5 GB back up” oldprice=”” price=”$3.49/Mo” whmcs_url=”https://onebudgethost.com/” table_show_button=”yes” website_link=”https://onebudgethost.com/store/webhost-back-up/5gb-personal” table_target=”_blank” featured_title=”5GB” pro_feature=”” package_image=”573″]

  • 5GB Back up 
  • Free plug for WordPress